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Domestic Bliss – An editorial photo shoot for W Magazine is a collaboration between Steven Klein and Brad Pitt and also starring Angelina Jolie. Shot in July 2005, the photo shoot was inspired by married life in the 1950’s and 60’s.

‘Brad Pitt opted to set it in 1963 (the year he was born), a time when the last traces of squeaky-clean Fifties were giving way to something more complicated. “The face was still being maintained,” Brad Pitt says, “but things were starting to crumble underneath.”’ - Christopher Bagley. W Magazine

The scenes, furniture, clothes and style play homage to the mid-century modern era but I particularly like how the photography of that era has also been referenced – the above image being inspired by one of the more iconic Case Study House photographs by Julius Shulman. Below is the photograph taken in Case Study House #21, which was designed by the architect Pierre Koenig (who is also standing in the image).

Wonderland Park Avenue CSH#21Case Study House #21 (1960) designed by Pierre Koenig. Photo: Julius Schulman

cess_pitt_jolie_01_h cess_klein_19_h

This theme of the perfect 50’s and 60’s lifestyle with the undertone of things being ‘not-so-perfect’ reminds me a lot of many of Shag’s paintings that depict a similar era. Check some out in a previous entry here.

 cess_klein_02_h cess_klein_12_h cess_klein_09_h cess_klein_27_h


Second photo: Julius Schulmann. All other photos: Steven Klein

Check out the many photos from this shoot at W Magazine here.

Also check out Steven Klein’s impressive website to see these photos along with some of his other work.

Stahl House (Case Study House #22) (1960) – Pierre Koenig

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Stahl House 2 - Julius Schulman

The Stahl House (Case Study House #22) was designed by Pierre Koenig in 1959 as part of the Case Study House program. Situated in the Hollywood hills, the house is a simple L-shaped pavilion overlooking the city of Los Angeles. The layout of the house turns its back to the street, with all major rooms facing the swimming pool. Access to the entry is gained from the carport via a footbridge over the pool made from precast concrete blocks.

Stahl House - Julius Schulman

One of the most radical and minimal houses in the Case Study program, the Stahl house was framed using only stock steel components. This allowed for the living wing of the house to be completely open, enclosed only by glass walls and steel columns. Together with the concrete footings cantilevering over the cliff face, the house created a dramatic and heroic setting famously captured in Julius Schulman’s photographs.

Stahl House 3 - Julius SchulmanPhotos: Julius Schulman

pk10Floor Plan

The Eames Lounge and Ottoman (1956)

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Ok so I’ll start with something easy. This is one of my favourite pieces of furniture: The Eames Lounge and Ottoman.

What I love about this chair is its mix of comfort with technology and craftsmanship which is best summed up in Charles Eames’ description of the chair as a “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.”

Designed by husband and wife design team; Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman were first released in 1956. They are crafted from seven-ply veneer shells with leather upholstery and the back braces and base are die-cast aluminium painted black.

Charles and Ray appeared on the Arlene Francis “Home” show with the lounge chair the week it was released. Here is a clip from that episode: (Watch right to the end to see a cool short time lapse movie of the chair’s construction.)

Prices start from around $3,500US so it isn’t usually a staple item of most people’s lounge rooms.

One day I will hopefully own one. Sigh… one day.

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