A Gathering Of Elephants

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5Photo: Eames Demetrios

The Eames Plywood Elephant was a children’s toy conceived in 1945 by Charles and Ray Eames but was never put into formal production. In 2007, the 100th anniversary of Charles’ birth, the Vitra Design Museum in association with the Eames Office put the toy into production in a limited edition.

To further commemorate the 100th anniversary and the elephant’s release, director of the Eames Office (and Charles Eames’ grandson) Eames Demetrios created “A Gathering of Elephants,” a stop-motion animated film, featuring the little elephants roaming LA.

Visit the Eames Office at www.eamesgallery.com

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Monopoly Repackaging

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monopoly 1

Monopoly has always been one of my favourite board games. Not just for the chance to be a property tycoon for an afternoon but also for the detail of various elements of the game such as the metal playing pieces, houses and even the money. So when I saw this repackaging project taking the attention to detail to another level, I loved it straight away.

Designed by Graphic Design student Andy Mangold, this reworking of the Monopoly packaging is inspired by expensive boxes of chocolate.

“Monopoly, in spite being the classiest of all board games, unfortunately is packaged just as boringly and uncreatively as every other garbage board game on the shelves. So, I decided to repackage it… turning the class up to 11.

All of the boxes are made out of chocolate brown mat board and skinned in cream arches cover. The final package is just over 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″ and includes smaller containers for all of the various pieces and cards and a laser-cut holder for all of the houses and hotels.”

It would be really cool to see this as the standard edition for sale in shops one day!

Check out Andy Mangold’s website here. (He has a great blog too.)

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monopoly 2

monopoly 3


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Since I hadn’t posted much for a while I thought I’d do two posts in two days. (I’m feeling guilty!)

While doing a search for mid-century modern furniture a little while back I came across this photographic book by Jed Darland titled Sexitecture. Released in 2004, the limited edition book contains 50 black and white photographs of the female body and various pieces of designer furniture. The book is published in a frame-lid box so all the photographs can be individually mounted or framed.

“SEXITECTURE: The female body graced by architecturally inspired furniture will raise awareness of the importance of design as it relates to human scale, and remind readers to be conscious of their surroundings, where they live, where they work, and most importantly, where they sit.” JED DARLAND

The limited edition of 10,000 copies is now sold out but I have seen copies listed for sale on www.amazon.com 

Sexitecture also has a new project in the works: “SEXITECTURE: The Vitruvian Man.”

Check out the Sexitecture website for more information here 

or the Sexitecture Myspace page here


The Aeron Chair


The Ball Chair

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant – Pacific Environments Architects

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The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, designed by Pacific Environments Architects, is situated north of Auckland, New Zealand. The project started out as a marketing campaign for Yellow Pages to build a restaurant in a tree using only services and materials listed in the Yellow Pages.

The restaurant is suspended 10m up a Redwood tree and is accessed via a 60m ramp. It can seat 18 guests at one time and still has room for a bar. The kitchen facilities are located in a marquee at the bottom of the ramp.

The form itself was inspired by a number of things found in nature – a suspended butterfly cocoon to name just one.

If you were thinking ‘That’s somewhere I might like to visit’ I’m afraid it was only open for one fully booked out month during January/February 2009 but who knows – maybe its popularity will lead it to be reopened and become a permanent fixture?



treehouse_221208_016 treehouse_221208_09


Photos: Lucy Gauntlett

To read more visit the Pacific Environments Architects’ website here.

Or visit the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant website/blog at www.yellowtreehouse.co.nz

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