Josh Agle (aka Shag)

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Josh “Shag” Agle is one of my favourite lowbrow artists. Hailing from America, Shag is best known for his flat perspective, vivid colour paintings depicting lounge and tiki-themed scenes.

His paintings are visually influenced by avant-garde animation of the early fifties and sixties and usually have a subtle sense of humour to them leaving the viewer asking the question, “What’s actually going on in this scene?”

To me his paintings have a cool nostalgic feel, depicting the jet-setting high life of the 1950’s. Another great subtle feature in some of his paintings is his reference to classic mid-century modern houses. A number of his paintings have featured the work of Australian and American mid-century architects such as Robin Boyd, Harry Seidler, John Lautner and Pierre Koenig.

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"Robin's Nest" - Shagrobin boyd house II courtyard Above: Robin Boyd House II – Robin Boyd

"Dickie Bird" - Shag robin boyd house II loft bedroom Above: Robin Boyd House II – Robin Boyd

"Rose Seidler's House" - Shagrose seidler house montageAbove: Rose Seidler House – Harry Seidler

Christinas WorldRoseSeidlerHouseSulmanPrizeAbove: Rose Seidler House – Harry Seidler

"The Bird Watcher" - ShagMalin Residence (Chemosphere)Above: Malin Residence “Chemosphere” – John Lautner

"LA Modern" (Day) - Shag(I’ll put money on it that the photographer in this painting is a nod to the modernist architectural photographer Julius Shulman who famously photographed the Stahl House)Stahl House 3 - Julius SchulmanAbove: Stahl House (Case Study House #22) – Pierre Koenig (Photo – Julius Shulman)

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Shag is a great artist and a worldwide following. Check out my blog to see an in-depth archive of his work.

  2. Wonderful comparative photo series. I will always think of SHAG and Julius Schulman/Pierre Koenig together. Mentallly I respect each individually, but they live in my heart all together. What an interesting design era. I loved the cantelevered California house and narrow ties, narrow pants legs, thick black glasses, and the flip hair do.
    Especially liked seeing the real Rose Seidler house interior. Very, very cool.
    Thank you. Betty

    • Thankyou for your kind words Betty.
      Just made my day.


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